Energy Research Priority Area Provides Seed Grants to Social Sciences, Humanities Research Teams

The University of Kentucky Energy Research Priority Area (e-RPA) solicited and awarded seed grants in the social sciences and humanities as part of an institutional strategy to develop programs of national prominence in a diverse range of energy research topics.

The e-RPA’s mission is to enhance the energy research strengths of the university through further development of a diverse cohort of faculty and staff working within the energy space.  In support of this, e-RPA seeks to extend the University’s current strengths through targeted programs aimed at increasing research activity, collaboration, and competitiveness in energy research in the social sciences and humanities.

Through this solicitation, e-RPA is specifically targeting programs beyond UK’s traditional strengths in the natural sciences and engineering, although proposals from any combination of disciplines will be considered.  Proposals targeting new areas of research that may have lower opportunities for external funding but will distinguish UK as a national leader in the broader area of the societal impacts of energy production and use are of interest.

Several faculty from across campus applied for seed funding as part of this solicitation. Those receiving funding were:

  • Loka Ashwood and Andy Pilny, College of Arts & Sciences, Energy Ownership and Organizational Structures in the Just Transition: Reclamation, Remediation and Rejuvenation for Eastern Kentucky
  • Molly Blasing, Brenna Byrd, and Koji Tanno, College of Arts & Sciences, Climate Across the Curriculum
  • Rebekah Radtke and Jeff Fugate, College of Design, Studio Appalachia: Global Post-Mining Network Collaborative Research Initiative
  • Lala Ma, Gatton College of Business and Economics, Secondary Pollution in Energy Production: The Case of Ozone and the NOx Budget Program
  • Jeongyoon Lee, Martin School of Public Policy and Administration, Why do Kentuckians Reject Certain Climate Change-Relevant Information and Misinformation, and How Does it Affect Their Climate Change Policy Beliefs?
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