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Biofuels and Environmental Catalysis
Materials Technologies
Clean Fuels and Chemicals
Organic Electronics
Power Generation


  • Gregory Copley
    Gregory Copley Program Coordinator II
  • Courtney McCarthy Assistant Director for Facilities and Operations
  • Austin McKinney
    Austin McKinney Senior Communications Officer
  • Shiela Medina
    Shiela Medina Assistant Director for External Affairs and Development
  • David Melanson Assistant Director for External Affairs and Development
  • Jeff Mossey
    Jeff Mossey Program Manager - KY NSF EPSCoR
  • Thomas Pinkerton
    Thomas Pinkerton Multimedia Specialist


  • Don Challman Policy, Management and Budget Senior Director Assistant
  • Heather Hacker
    Heather Hacker Administrative Staff Officer
  • Tamela McIntosh
    Tamela McIntosh Administrative Staff Officer


  • Lamont Bond
    Lamont Bond Maintenance Mechanic III
  • Ruthann Chaplin
    Ruthann Chaplin Environmental Specialist III
  • Shelley Hopps
    Shelley Hopps Analytical Services Manager
  • Allen Howard
    Allen Howard Maintenance Superintendent I
  • Nick Jackson
    Nick Jackson Maintenance Mechanic III
  • Juliana Jimenez
    Juliana Jimenez Custodial Worker I
  • Kim Knorr
    Kim Knorr IS Technical Support Specialist III
  • Scott Lambert
    Scott Lambert Information Technology Manager II
  • Antonio McPherson
    Antonio McPherson Custodial Worker I
  • Kevin Owsley
    Kevin Owsley Custodial Worker I
  • Wayne Pettit
    Wayne Pettit Maintenance Mechanic II
  • Rodney Sellers
    Rodney Sellers Server Administrator / Programmer I
  • Ruth Wiley
    Ruth Wiley Administrative Support Associate

Materials Technologies

  • Matt Weisenberger
    Matt Weisenberger Associate Director
  • Tom Robl
    Tom Robl Associate Director
  • Jordan Burgess
    Jordan Burgess Research Engineer Assistant
  • John Craddock
    John Craddock Research Scientist Principle
  • Tristana Duvallet
    Tristana Duvallet Research Engineer Senior
  • David Eaton
    David Eaton Program Manager
  • Nik Hochstrasser
    Nik Hochstrasser Research Engineer Senior
  • Andrea Howard
    Andrea Howard Administrative Support Associate
  • Bob Jewell
    Bob Jewell Research Program Manager
  • Ashley Morris
    Ashley Morris Research Engineer Senior
  • Anne Oberlink
    Anne Oberlink Research Scientist Senior
  • John Wiseman
    John Wiseman Engineer Technician Associate

Clean Fuels & Chemicals

  • Burt Davis
    Burt Davis Associate Director
  • Leslie Hughes
    Leslie Hughes Administrative Research Assistant Principal
  • Muthu Kumaran Gnanamani
    Muthu Kumaran Gnanamani Research Scientist Senior
  • Wenping Ma
    Wenping Ma Research Engineer Senior
  • Dennis Sparks
    Dennis Sparks Research Engineer Associate

Organic Electronics

  • John Anthony
    John Anthony John C. Hubbard Professor of Chemistry
  • Chad Risko
    Chad Risko Assistant Professor

Power Generation

  • Kunlei Liu
    Kunlei Liu Associate Director
  • Keemia Abad
    Keemia Abad Research Scientist Associate
  • John Adams
    John Adams Engineer Tech Senior
  • Saloni Bhatnagar
    Saloni Bhatnagar Research Scientist Associate
  • Jacob Brumback
    Jacob Brumback Engineer Tech Associate
  • Jonathan Bryant
    Jonathan Bryant Research Scientist Associate
  • Landon Caudill
    Landon Caudill Engineering Tech
  • Zhen Fan
    Zhen Fan Research Engineer Principal
  • Reynolds Frimpong
    Reynolds Frimpong Research Engineer Senior
  • James Fussinger
    James Fussinger Engineer Tech Senior
  • Xin Gao
    Xin Gao Research Engineer Senior
  • Len Goodpaster
    Len Goodpaster Engineer Tech Lead
  • Otto Hoffmann
    Otto Hoffmann Engineer Tech Associate
  • Bradley Irvin
    Bradley Irvin Research Scientist Associate
  • Liang Kong
    Liang Kong Research Scientist Associate
  • James Landon
    James Landon Research Engineer Principal
  • Marshall Marcum
    Marshall Marcum Engineer Technician Associate
  • Naser Matin
    Naser Matin Research Scientist Senior
  • John Moffett
    John Moffett Senior Program Coordinator
  • Heather Nikolic
    Heather Nikolic Research Program Manager
  • Ayokunle Omosebi
    Ayokunle Omosebi Research Engineer Senior
  • Gwendella Pasley
    Gwendella Pasley Administrative Support Associate
  • Jonathan Pelgen
    Jonathan Pelgen Research Engineer Senior
  • Roger Perrone
    Roger Perrone Fabrication Services Coordinator
  • Andrew Placido
    Andrew Placido Research Engineer Senior
  • Lisa Richburg
    Lisa Richburg Cost Engineering Scheduler
  • Moushumi Sarma
    Moushumi Sarma Research Scientist Associate
  • Steve Summers
    Steve Summers Engineer Tech Associate
  • Jesse Thompson
    Jesse Thompson Research Program Manager
  • Amanda Warriner
    Amanda Warriner Research Engineer Associate
  • Leland Widger
    Leland Widger Research Scientist Associate

Rare Earth Elements

  • Jack Groppo
    Jack Groppo Research Professor
  • Jim Hower Research Professor
  • Darrell Taulbee
    Darrell Taulbee Research Program Manager

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