CAER Facilites and Labs

Laboratory 155,000 sq. ft. – The original. Built in 1977, this is where it all started. Lab 1 houses offices for most of our research groups, analytical services, IT and our facilities teams, graduate and undergraduate student workspaces, as well as meeting space.

Laboratory 243,000 sq. ft. – The first LEED-certified research lab at UK Lab 2 is home to CAER’s renewable energy research programs. Biofuels, organic electronics, and battery R&D labs are housed in this space. The Center’s carbon research group – working to turn coal into carbon fiber – also utilizes space in Lab 2.

Mineral Processing6,500 sq. ft. – The Center’s cementitious and rare earth element research programs are located in this space.

Carbon Fiber Development4,800 sq. ft. – The longest carbon fiber spinline at any research institution in North America is in this facility.

CAER Greenhouse2,500 sq. ft. – Home to our algae research and development program.

Synthesis & Pitch Lab1,400 sq. ft. – Carbon pitch R&D is located here.

Process Development Facility6,550 sq. ft. – Houses the Center’s coal-to-liquid fuels demonstration unit, featuring a fully operational gasifier and Fischer-Tropsch process synthesis process system.

Facilities Team

  • Courtney McCarthy Assistant Director for Facilities and Operations
  • Lamont Bond
    Lamont Bond Maintenance Superintendent I
  • Ruthann Chaplin
    Ruthann Chaplin Environmental Specialist III
  • Shelley Hopps
    Shelley Hopps Analytical Services Manager
  • Allen Howard
    Allen Howard Maintenance Superintendent I
  • Nick Jackson
    Nick Jackson Maintenance Mechanic III
  • Juliana Jimenez
    Juliana Jimenez Custodial Worker I
  • Kim Knorr
    Kim Knorr IS Technical Support Specialist III
  • Scott Lambert
    Scott Lambert Information Technology Professional
  • Antonio McPherson
    Antonio McPherson Custodial Worker I
  • Tonya Morgan
    Tonya Morgan Analytical Chemist
  • Kevin Owsley
    Kevin Owsley Custodial Worker I
  • Wayne Pettit
    Wayne Pettit Maintenance Mechanic II
  • Rodney Sellers
    Rodney Sellers Information Technology Manager II
  • Ruth Wiley
    Ruth Wiley Administrative Support Associate

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