Lee T. Todd, Jr. Student Innovation Scholarship


UK CAER has created a new program that will train the next generation of energy entrepreneurs. Called the Lee T. Todd, Jr. Student Innovation Award, the program will provide undergraduate student entrepreneurs with an opportunity to develop their ideas alongside UK CAER scientists and engineers in a collaborative environment.

Awardees will have full access to UK CAER laboratories and equipment. In a refreshing and novel twist, students will be paired with an entrepreneurial mentor to assist them in the commercialization aspect of their project.

The Lee T. Todd, Jr. Student Innovation Award will provide undergraduate researchers interested in energy an amazing opportunity. They will get to develop their own research project – give life to their own innovation and dreams. They will get to do so alongside both a research mentor here at CAER as well as entrepreneurial mentor, who will show them how to take that innovation from the lab to the marketplace.

– Dr. Rodney Andrews, CAER Director

To Apply

1. Click here to access Scholarship Universe.

2. Enter your UK linkblue email and password.

3. Click on the “Applications” tab and locate the Lee T. Todd, Jr. Student Innovation Scholarship Application 2022-2023.

4. Click “Start Application” to begin applying for the scholarship. You will need to complete the 7 sections, including the essay.

5. You can save and continue your application prior to submitting. When you log back in to ScholarshipUniverse, your application will now be under “In Progress.”

6. Once you complete the application questions and essay, please “Review and Submit” your application. Once submitted, changes cannot be made.

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