Umenweke is an ELITECAT, Will Represent UK CAER in France this Summer

Great Umenweke, a PhD candidate in the UK Center for Applied Energy Research’s (CAER) Sustainable Alternative Fuels (SAF) program, continues to build his reputation in the field of catalysis, where his accomplishments are garnering widespread recognition and acclaim. He will have a  busy summer, representing CAER overseas in France.

Umenweke was recently awarded a prestigious travel grant by the North American Catalysis Society (NACS), and is set to give an oral presentation on CAER’s research in Sustainable Aviation Fuel at the 18th International Congress on Catalysis in Lyon, France, this July. He has also been honored with the coveted ‘young talent label’ at the conference, a distinction reserved to give visibility to promising young catalysis researchers. This recognition not only highlights his exceptional contributions but also underscores his potential in catalysis research.

Finally, Umenweke has been accepted to participate in the ELITE CAT summer school in catalysis, a program affiliated with the ICC. ELITE CAT is a catalysis training course hosted since 2013 at the LyonTech La Doua scientific campus, in Villeurbanne.

“I am grateful to NACS for the travel award and to the UK National Science Foundation Graduate Research Traineeship (UK NRT) program for their support,” says Umenweke. “I am particularly excited about being selected for the ELITECAT International Summer School on Catalysis. This will be my second visit to France, the first being in 2022 for a short summer research opportunity at Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne at the University of Burgundy in Dijon. This time, I will be presenting and networking at the 2024 ICC in Lyon, and I thank my research advisor and the entire CAER SAF team for their support along the way.”

Congratulations to Great Umenweke for his achievements and UK ambassadorship!

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