Carbon Capture

Can we develop cost-effective carbon capture solutions?

Post Combustion
Carbon Capture

Since starting solvent based, post-combustion CO2 capture research in 2008, CAER has distinguished itself and is internationally recognized as an expert in the field of post-combustion CO2 capture research by demonstrating significant breakthroughs in process intensification, two-stage solvent regeneration, heat integration, and advanced solvent development. Using this four-pronged approach to lower both capital and operating expenses the cost of electricity with CO2 capture is reduced by 47%.

The CAER CCS research that started in the lab has now been demonstrated at a 0.7 MWe small pilot system located at and in partnership with Kentucky Utilities E.W. Brown Generating Station in Harrodsburg, KY. This process may be scaled up again to a 10 MWe large pilot system to be located at and in partnership with Louisville Gas and Electric Trimble County Generating Station.

Current Projects

Currently, CAER is undertaking three projects to investigate the process, solvent and operations effects on the cost of CO2 capture.

  • CMRG: “Lab and Bench Scale Coal-derived Flue Gas Post-combustion CO2 Capture”
  • DE-FE007395: ‘“Application of a Heat Integrated Post-combustion CO2 Capture System with Hitachi Advanced Solvent into Existing Coal-Fired Power Plant”
  • DE-FE00XXXX: “UKy-CAER Heat-integrated Transformative CO2 Capture Process in Pulverized Coal Power Plants”
  • DE-FE00XXXX: “A Process with Decoupling Absorber Kinetics and Solvent Regeneration through Membrane Dewatering and In-Column Heat Transfer”


Can we reduce carbon emissions
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